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It’s been my personal mission all summer to enjoy and explore Rochester. Since moving back in May 2013, I’ve been trying to relearn how to love all that my hometown has to offer. Often times the best things are right in your backyard and this most certainly rings true of La Casa Restaurant. Located less than two miles away from me (literally on the same street) on the corner of South Clinton and Alexander, La Casa is a gem hiding in plain sight.

“The best things are right in your backyard”

Joining a friend and his wife for dinner on a recent Thursday evening, I finally made time to check out the locale I’ve passed by on numerous occasions. The interior is much larger than it appears on the outside and even has a great outdoor patio space that is spacious and appealing. Our server got right to business engaging with us immediately upon arrival and suggesting the plethora of options from the expansive drink menu. I opted for something non-alcoholic while my friends indulged.

The menu is simple and not too lengthy, which is always a plus in my book. I love it when eateries do a few things very well as opposed to the “jack of all trades” approach. Upon knowlege of my celiac concerns the waitress jumped into accomodation mode, checking and double checking with the chef to make sure that they could accomoate accordingly.

Although gluten free options are not labeled (which I politely suggested that they modify) La Casa has a few options for the wheat flour impaired. I opted for the veggie loaded nachos which were gluten free and topped with cheese, peppers, and beans all gluten free and amazing. The chips are seasoned and homemade all adding to the rustic feel of the meal. Generally speaking La Casa’s chips are endless and taste amazing.

My friends had equally as satisfying meals (albeit gluten filled) that included a monster burrito that was the best looking grilled and stuffed burrito that I have seen since my days in Nashville. My only wish was that the burrito wraps were gluten free so I could share in the gloriously savory confection that was large but not over stuffed and falling out into a messy bowl; the fate of so many burritos.

La Casa is the real Mexican cantina deal. A modern, simple, fresh, and flavorful approach to one of my favorite cuisines. Easily the best Mexican joint I’ve visited in our area, I can’t wait to go back. Even with only a few gluten free selections, I was so impressed with our meals and service that I would gladly go back and order the same plate over and over again. Hip Hip Hooray for La Casa!

Rating 5/5


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