Weekend Roundup| Goodbye August

And just like that August and my summer break is over. I can’t pretend that I’m not more than a little disappointed. It’s just that the summer has come to a resounding end and I’m not quite prepared. I’m fully aware that technically speaking, it is still summer. However, since my school days, I’ve always considered the start of the school year to be the end of summer. No matter how sunny, hot, or beautiful it was outside, once school began, the summer was unofficially over. Now that I’m a teacher, this edict remains unchanged. School begins tomorrow and for my district and that means summer is over.

It’s bittersweet because as much as I look forward to the fall, I can’t help but pine for a few more weeks of summer break. More time to relax, go at my own pace, and life without the constant nag of deadlines and schedules. OH well. Summer 2015 was fun while it lasted. At least I had the chance to go out with a bang. My weekend was filled with many exciting moments that I wanted to  share with all of you. Hopefully you spent this weekend having as much fun as I did and if not, hopefully you can find a few moments of fun, sun, and solitude before the bustle and chill of the Fall truly sets in. How did you spend your last weekend in August? Let me know in the comments.

The weekend started Friday when I attended the book signing of my budding friend, Willie Mae Gearing’s first novel: A Mother’s Influence. The signing was held at the East Avenue Wegmans and it was a huge hit. There were at least 50 people who came out to support Willie Mae for this awesome accomplishment.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take a ton of photos but Willie was overwhelmed and overcome with emotion at the outpouring of support.

I love to see people follow their passion. Willie has truly asked, believed, and achieved. To learn more about Willie Mae and her new book click here.

Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting the first ever Rochester Gluten Free Mingle Luncheon. This event was the first of a new concept that I dreamed up many moons ago. A way to connect celiacs and those interested in living gluten free in my area. Folks brought a dish to pass or a pantry item for Foodlink. My goal is to continue to build awareness and understanding of celiac disease as well as connect people.

Autoimmune illness can be isolating and for as prevalent as celiac is, many of us find it hard to dine out properly. These social events are way to bring us all together in one place to eat without anxiety and concern. Again, I was too caught up in hosting to photograph, but the event was a huge success and we had a spread fit for a king.

On Sunday my immediate and part of my extended family came together to celebrate, connect, and have fun at Red Robin. We had a lot of fun and I even got to have an amazing gluten free meal while dining out. It felt great to eat a meal that in my opinion was better than the rest. I’ll share more about my Red Robin dining experience in a review later this week.

And just because, here’s my Mom and Ava looking pretty at the Kingdom Hall.


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