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Recipe Roundup: August 2015

Well my summer break is over. September is upon us, school is in session, and my schedule is about to become crazier than ever. But I had a great summer. I worked  a lot. I also rested, meditated, plotted, planned, and recharged. I walked. I ran. I explored. I had fun. Of course, summer is technically still in session, but with school starting before labor day a slow transition is just not how the cookie crumbled this year. But before I digress any longer, check out all the recipes and food inspired posts that happened throughout the month of August. I baked quite a bit and also debuted two new features. I’m so excited to continue to bring you new and exciting content. The best is yet to come 🙂 

Brown Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Raspberry Almond Tart (Dairy Free)

Bing Cherry- Almond Cremé Cheese Tart

Root 31 Eatery| Restaurant Review

La Casa|Restaurant Review

The Rochester Gluten Free Food Guide

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Black Pepper Scones

Classic Double Chocolate Cake

Peaches & Cremé Cobbler

Esan Thai|Restaurant Review
Bamboozled by Biaggi’s|by Doris

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