Love Your Enemy.

Finding the humanity in people is one of the hardest things to do. Taking a closer look and attempting to understand the reasons behind bitterness, wickedness, jealousy and hate is challenging but not impossible. So often these traits are the symptoms of deeper issues. Brokenness. Insecurity. Pain. Unhappiness with oneself. Displaying understanding and empathy for those of whom you loves comes easy. The challenge is demonstrating these same qualities to persons that cause us harm or injury. Usually people who bully, hurt, or harm others are in more need of understanding and a prayer than retaliation. Stopping, pausing, and thinking about how broken someone has to be to cause deliberate harm to another person for no other reason than to cause frustration and headache is easy to say, but so hard to practice. However, it is necessary if one wishes to keep a peaceful spirit. We can’t control what someone else does to us. But we can control how we respond.

Finding love and forgiveness in your heart for those that wish to inflict harm takes perseverance, endurance, and courage. Love will always win over hate. Fire should not be fought with fire. Fire is fought with love, patience, and understanding. Restraint is needed to Be still and let GOD fight your battles. Adding gasoline to fire can only cause an explosion. Therefore, mindful meditation and prayer for those that bully, slander, and lie is necessary and vital to maintain a peaceful and balanced body, mind, and soul.

Loving our enemies, doing good to those that hurt us, and praying for those that mistreat us demonstrates great strength of character. Turning the other cheek is the ultimate display of bravery.

Letting go and letting GOD is essential. The enemy may oppress but only we can allow them to gain victory over our spirit. Wish them well. Be still and let GOD fight your battles.


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