Announcing The Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo

There aren’t enough words to begin to describe the level of excitement I have in announcing The Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo. All week I’ve been bursting at the seams with anticipation. I’ve been plotting, planning, and collaborating for months to unveil this latest venture. This expo is the first gluten free themed major health fair to be held in Upstate New York. It is surreal that this announcement is happening since it has been on my heart for well over two years. Two years ago I wrote “plan a gluten free expo” in my dream book and now two years later it is well on its way to becoming a reality.

This expo is a unique collaboration with the Pieter’s Family Life Center which has a mission to strengthen the community and nurture relationships through recreational, educational, social, spiritual, health and wellness programs that are inclusive to all people.

We  will host dozens of vendors and small business owners that are committed to holistic wellness. Workshops, demonstrations, and keynote speakers will address all aspects of life impacted by celiac disease and and other chronic illnesses. It will truly be a day of fun, education, and awareness.  The expo will connect the region’s gluten free community with national and local gluten free brands, services, small businesses, and people who have a similar mission of raising awareness for celiac disease, health, and wellness.

It continues to be my goal to connect and educate everyone on the simplicity and diversity of living a gluten free lifestyle. The expo is just another way to raise awareness and make positive connections in the gluten free community.

To learn more about the expo and to register visit or email

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