December Hiatus

Well we made it. The 12th month of 2015. I literally cannot believe it.  We say this every year yet each year seems to go by faster than the one before it. So much has happened in 2015. I was able to capture a lot of it here on the blog, but as you know life is crazy not every facet of my life is detailed here on the blog like it used to be. Why? Simply put, the gluten free chef blog has become a community and brand that is now much bigger than myself. I’ve wrote about that here and here but it bears repeating. What started out as a very personal public journal of my life, battles, struggles, triumphs, and journey with chronic illness, has become a lifestyle and wellness brand. An online community that is shared, liked, and loved by thousands of people every single day both here and on social media. The conversations no longer stop at the end of a post or article but now carry on via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Soundcloud.

We have a collection of featured writers who add to the scope and breadth of this platform speaking to issues that go beyond what we eat and speak to the mental, emotional, and social well being of all persons; celiacs and non celiacs alike. The gluten free chef brand is now in schools and community education classes, networking events, chats, emails, pop up events,(yes pop ups:)) farmers markets and so much more.

It is for this reason that throughout most of the month of December you will see and read less here on the main site. With so many moving parts and a tiny staff of dedicated individuals, we simply cannot be in all of these places at once. Creativity takes time. Creativity takes energy. Creativity takes mind, body, and soul. As a person living with several chronic illness (celiac disease being only one) I have learned how to better manage my time, energy, and resources to be able to grow our community. As Editor and Chief I have to know when to delegate, when to slow down, and when to speed up all the creativity that flows through my mind, body, and soul 24/7.

So, I’ll be focusing on recharging and improving the site and brand throughout the month. Since we are a community space and a community entity, I no longer need to be tethered to blog posts and writing here every single day. I have confidence that you all will keep the conversations alive and flowing throughout all the channels and mediums that are stamped with the gluten free chef logo. You always do. I am super excited to be bringing so much more to all of you and I cannot wait until you see all that 2016 has in store. Stay tuned. Keep the conversation going and flowing.

P.S I wanted to share photos of the pop ups, vendor shows, baking and other events that have happened over the past few weeks. So much is happening in front of and behind the scenes. The gluten free chef blog is no longer just here, but everywhere 🙂


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