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Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free | Product Review

I had a hankering for deli styled sandwich this past Sunday that led me to purchase my very first loaf of  Canyon Bakehouse Gluten- Free bread. I’ve heard many great things about the brand but since I bake a lot of my own bread and don’t eat bread regularly; it’s taken me until now to try them out. It’s important for me to note as well that 99% of the bread I bake is for other people. As the GFC brand continues to grow taking time to bake for myself has taken a backseat to cookbook writing, food styling, custom orders, and food photography.

My point in saying all of this is that when I have a craving for a sandwich I usually don’t feel like baking the bread from scratch.  Finding a suitable mass produced replacement has been less than stellar as most persons with celiac disease can attest. Sure we’ve come to accept the popular brands on the market but when it comes to sandwich bread, most of them fail in more than a few categories. So, when I opened up my bag of 7 grain bread from Canyon Bakehouse I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised.

I took out two soft slices of bread that were pliable and of sufficient size to make myself a hearty turkey sandwich. Another point of note is that I did not have to toast said slices. The 7 grain has a earthy undertone that gives it a nice complexity. I topped my sandwich with spicy mustard, turkey, swiss cheese, and tomatoes. I was even able to slice my sandwich without all the insides falling all over my plate. Bread like I used to know. I could go on and on but there is no need. Overall, I am very impressed. Canyon Bakehouse is the best mass produced gluten free bread I’ve had in a while. Soft, light, no holes, with a sandwich friendly size and texture that doesn’t crumble un-toasted.


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