5 Reasons Being A Celiac Is Awesome by Alicia (REPOST)

It’s the last week of the year and countdown centric posts are plenty here on the blog. Check out Alicia’s post from a few months ago where she gives five compelling reasons why having celiac disease isn’t so bad after all. Remember, perspective is everything.  We all know that celiac disease has its downsides. I don’t think I need to articulate them for you. And, to be honest, sometimes we allow ourselves to wallow in the negative a little too much.

”Whatever a person’s mind dwells on intensely and with firm resolve, that is exactly what he [or she] becomes” Shankaracharya.

I’m not interested in becoming a dreary, negative person and I’m sure you’re not either. So, let’s think about a few advantages to having Celiac disease. Advantages to having Celiac disease… I bet you thought you’d never hear that statement. Here are five reasons why having Celiac disease can be awesome.

  1. You’re treated like a celebrity everywhere you eat. Think about it. You get your own special menu. The chef has to go out of his way to prepare a dish just for you. He probably spends at least a few minutes thinking about how much he hates you for breaking up his flow. Basically you’re the same as Mariah Carey who, according to OK News, requests bottles of vitamin water in which to bathe her dogs. And, if someone screws up your order you can try to get them fired. I mean, they did make you violently ill after all. Any good restaurant will have their staff walking on eggshells around you.
  2. Everything you don’t like has the possibility of being contaminated with gluten. Grandma’s weird pistachio salad? Gluten. Mom’s super gross vegetable casserole? Gluten. Aunt Macy’s crock pot pot roast? Gluten. This is clearly the best reason to have Celiac and also a valid reason for anyone to pretend to have Celiac. Even if the disgusting dish in question has all non-gluten ingredients who knows about cross contamination. You have to be safe after all.
  3. No one tries to take your desert. Gluten free baked goods have come a long way in the last decade. But, the awesome thing is that no one who doesn’t have to eat gluten free seems to know that. When you mention that you need the gluten free option everyone keeps their grubby paws of your treats. Then, you can keep all the gluten free goodness to yourself. The same goes for putting your lunch in the work fridge. Who’s going to steal someone’s gluten free sandwich?
  4. You’re in great company. You aren’t the only one with celiac disease. You happen to be a part of a very exclusive club that includes some really cool people. For instance, there’s me. That should be enough for you, but there’s a few others in case you need more validation. You also get to share a diagnoses with Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Hasselback, Keith Olberman, and even Chelsea Clinton.
  5. You’re a badass just by being alive. How many of your non-Celiac friends have the discipline to avoid pasta, bread, cookies, and everything else that has gluten (including most types of hot chocolate)? I doubt any of them that aren’t on some detox or weird low carb diet could stay away from a fresh baked roll. You and I have been forced to develop willpower of steal. And, think of everything you endured to get to this point. Being diagnosed doesn’t generally happen until after you’ve suffered through some misery and discomfort. You survived it and you’re thriving. Congratulations to you, you sexy beast!

Don’t be afraid to add your own positives in the comments. I want to hear about all the reasons why it’s good to be you!

Alicia is a super mom, wife, competitive athlete, and freelance writer. Find out more about her everyday adventures by liking her on Facebook.

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