Say How You Feel…With No Hesitation by Willie Mae Gearing.

In my life I have always spoken my truths. It has been both a blessing and a curse. In the business world, we were told to speak your mind. It was something management said but it wasn’t necessarily what they meant.It is my belief that, everything that happens in life is for a reason and if you don’t learn from it you will continue the cycle. When my dad died, his death prompted me to look at my life and make bold life changing decisions. If it had not been for his death I never would have gone back to school. Dad was my safety net.

Should We Hold Back What We Feel?

Recently, I told my friend when her brother died not to let his death be in vain. He was unable to deal with the passing of loved ones which caused him to chase the bottle. Sometimes when traumatic things happen people become reactive or inactive. In his case, he shut down and chased the bottle and was unable to recover.

However, I told her that the message for both of us was to look at our own addictions (food). Unlike him, we have been given a second chance. There are many ways that we can accomplish that goal. We both knew that Weight Watchers has been effective in the past but we didn’t stick with it. So why not go back to what we know works and make a lifelong commitment to live life making healthy choices.

Unlike him, we have been given a second chance.

I can remember the day my friend called me and said that her family had gone to Wendy’s and as she looked at the menu she could hear my voice and even thought she wanted a hamburger she ordered a salad. She told me it was her first step to a new beginning. She decided not to let the stress of life control her but to be in control. We both agreed to join Weight Watchers.

Should We Hold Back What We Feel?

I know what I said to her during her bereavement could have been a curse and not well received. However as time progressed she was able to tell me what I had said really touched her. She knew that I wanted nothing but the best for her and was able to process my intent. She later told me that all of my words resonated within her and had her pondering over the conversation. She said, “I was her brother saying learn from me, live and make healthy choices, don’t follow my path”.

Discernment is Key

As I have grown, I know that I need to use discernment. I only speak my truths to the people that I know well and the ones who know and love me. In life we need to be able to communicate to reduce stress and to keep angry, sadness, depression and hurt from building up. It takes a lot of stress to hold a grudge. There are certain things in life that we have no control over so don’t allow unnecessary pain, anxiety and depression to consume you. Stress can kill you…don’t die an unnecessary death.

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  1. Sometimes decisions can be so hard when you don’t have the proper knowledge and understanding of what your options are.

    I was never taught how to eat right. My idea of healthy eating was drinking a diet soda.

    It wasn’t until I took initiative and started educating myself, from watching documentaries and lectures to reading books did I now see the options that were available to me.

    It’s the same with speaking your mind. Once we take the initiative to learn who we truly are it will make decisions easier.

    In the “48 Laws of Power” book it says “Always be bold in your actions.” I believe there’s a time and place for everything, but when you’re bold in your actions, just know it comes from a place within.

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