Weekend Roundup: Old Man Winter Strikes Again

Just when we had been lulled and warmed into a fall sense of security old man winter came and attacked the Northeast with a vengeance. This past Saturday saw a high of -25 (yes you read that right) and on Sunday temperatures had increased to a balmy one degree with a windchill of -10. I know I knew better than to think we would get through the winter of 2016 unscathed. Needless to say, I remained inside all weekend trying to ward off the frigid air, type in gloves, and rest my stiff and weary fibro ridden body. The silver lining in all of this?

This week is President’s week which means no work for all the teachers in the land. A lost weekend doesn’t feel so bad when you have the whole week to be productive or in my case be “functionally flared”. I hope your Galentine’s Day (is this real) or Bro-lentines (I made this one up) or Valentine’s Day weekend was warmer and more eventful than was mines. Be Well and happy Monday.

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