THANK YOU Roc!| The Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo

I can’t even know what to say

Literally I am still in full recovery mode and trying to wrap my head around the fact that we’ve realized the first ever celiac focused health and wellness fair that Rochester has ever seen. From the bottom of my heart, all I can say is

Thank you

  • Thank you to all the vendors that devoted time, energy, expertise, resources and expenses to be apart of this momentous day
  • Thank you to all the volunteers that showed up and showed out, stepping in and stepping up to be amazing when I was literally tongue tied and devoid of clear direction. Each and every single one of you transformed into a well oiled machine and became the blood line and back bone of the day. Your giving was truly heartwarming and means so much more than I could ever articulate.
  • Thank you to Catalina Johnson and Marilyn of the Pieter’s Family Life Center that stood by my side until the very end as soldiers for the cause. Running an event is no joke and you two ladies were a team of GREATNESS. I wouldn’t have survived without you.
  • Thank you to the vendor’s spouses, children, friends, partners, and other supporters and family that stood by your side and provided visible and behind the scenes moral, emotional, physical and support in ways that only you know.
  • Thank you (FAMILY) for sacrificing your partners so that they could support this wellness event for the community.
  • Thank you to my family- AWESOME parents, my brother, my sister for always supporting me in a variety of ways | no matter what. I love you.

last but not least

Thank you Rochester! And Greater Rochester. And EVERY SINGLE person that came out and attended the expo. This event was truly a labor of love. I poured my entire being into it for over two years and I so truly hope that all 200 and more of you that attended found something to inspire, uplift, engage, and help you in your road to health and wellness; whether you are living with celiac disease or not. Your stories are what give me the strength to continue this work when I want to stop. Keep going when I ask myself “why” and carry on when I want to quit.

Your stories bring tears to my eyes and happiness to my heart. The times when I am happy, the moments when I doubt, self-loathe, self-love and wonder why; all of IT is because of you. I am every grateful to carry on and continue to go on EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The Rochester Gluten Free Health and Wellness Expo is your event. Your day. Your moment and I am a mere servant. I live for this work and I am elated to officially announce the 2017 Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo to take place at the same time (10-3PM) the same place (The Pieter’s Family Life Center on Saturday May 20, 2017.

I have to give EVEN more THANKS to Emily Kyle of Emily Kyle Nutrition and her partner, Lisa Bellis, Karen Netzband, Roberta Rose Candace Hoffman, Amber of Eats & Exercise by Amber, John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Radio, Shawn O Photo, and  Alicia Alvarez;  SUPER humans friends that were the back bone of the day and did more than I can ever know or had the time to even fathom. You all were vital to the success of the event and more amazing than I could ever articulate.

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  1. So happy that you got to see your dreams come to reality yesterday Calvin, you should be so proud ❤️

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