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So let me say this: Owning and operating a small business is hard. Let me repeat that:

Owning and operating a small business is hard

The late nights, the early mornings, and countless decisions that never ever ever end make small business ownership not for the faint of heart. Add food to the equation and you have a recipe for closure in two years or less. This my friends I can preach and speak from experience. Add city, county, and state bureaucracy, legislation, taxes, fine print, and Department of Health foolishness and it’s enough to wonder why any body whose any body decided to open up a small business; no less a food business.

We do it because we are dreamers

We do it because we are dreamers. We do it because we are believers. We do it because we are the wheels that run this country called the United States. I applaud my fellow small business owners. I rally for them. I pray for them. And most importantly I patronize their establishments. Especially the foodies. Those that add the addendum of gluten free; and you already know I’m all in. It’s for these reasons that I’ve had to give an official shout out to and blog post for The Griffen Bakery.

The Griffen Bakery is a dedicated gluten free bakery located in the village of Victor, NY. Owned and operated by Amy & Mike Griffen the bakery specializes in “the world’s greatest” cookies and for years operated solely as an online etsy shop and  as vendors at regional farmers markets. One cookie led to the next and they eventually took the plunge to open a retail storefront in late 2015.

Well, I can honestly say I’m so glad they did. The selection of dedicated gluten free establishments in my area are basically 0 so to have a safe establishment that I can run to when I need a gluten free cookie fix (that I don’t bake myself) gives Griffen an automatic A in my book. Upon tasting the epic deliciousness of their mammoth cookies and that A turned into an A+. Griffen’s owners were vendors at my recent Gluten Free Expo and their snickerdoodle cookies turned me into a believer (up until now I’ve hated snickerdoodle cookies). Griffen is the real deal and more proof that gluten free mean nothing than delicious food made without wheat, rye or barely.

For those living in the Rochester area check out The Griffen Bakery at 23 East Main Street Victor, NY

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