Same Script Different Cast | A Very Non-Gluten Free Related Soapbox

The basic components of the narrative remain the same:

  1. Lone male (most often white) enters into a very public dwelling
  2. Opens fire into unsuspecting masses
  3. Kills countless innocent humans
  4. Taking many precious lives
  5. Physically and emotionally harming many others
  6. Shoots self or is shot dead in the head
  7. Cue media frenzy
  8. Cue media and social media bickering, chaos, and unethical shoddy, shipshod, and sketchy at best “news reporting”

We could only wish that this was the synopsis for a very poor entry level screenplay, script, or novel manuscript. This narrative has in the last 2-5 years become a semimonthly, weekly, DAILY reality happening not in some far far away place but in our neighborhoods, churches, theaters during summer blockbuster opening days, barbershops, college campuses, elementary schools, streets, stores, festivals, and homes, and nightclubs.

Regardless of semantics the script remains the same with a different cast, same media baiting, same stock sound bites from the nation’s leaders, same Facebook bickering from thousands.

The script remains the same with a different cast

A quick Google search renders this headline:

Virginia Tech in April 2007, the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history. (Source, CNN 2016)

Same script different cast:

50 killed at Orlando nightclub; deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history (Source Wesh Orlando 6.13.2016)

Neither the media nor the general public has all the facts yet report inaccurate, false, made up, pretend, information fiction many times reworded verbatim from previous fictitious posing as factual headlines. How can the Joe Public that were not there and have no idea of the facts have the facts when the media and so called honest, fair and unbiased news live feeds, Periscope, and Twitter chat inaccuracies from ground zero?

  • Will it ever end?
  • Will the script ever change?
  • If it will, who will change it?
  • Can human government change it?
  • If they can why haven’t they?

The questions are endless. They continue even as the “news” outlets report contradictory stories with no real facts, report a criminal case that is very open and very pending. Social media public opinion courtrooms hate filled cyber bullying, moronic Twitter debates, and mock trials begin with vicious and visceral hate, prejudice, trolling and facts fiction.

Same script different cast

I’ve logged an informal journal of these shootings here in U.S. since they have become so common in the last 2-5 years with clipped media stories, headlines , screenshots and social media posts , and literally the script has been the same with many headlines verbatim copied and pasted from the last shooting.

Literally copied details of the shootings like a screen play for a movie or novel. Two weeks to a month after the current thrill is gone and a new news story becomes Fodder; it’ll be as if all is forgotten until the next time...and the cycle repeats itself.

And the cycle repeats itself

So I repeat, when is the script and reductive rhetoric going to change and something, anything REAL going to be changed to at the least prevent instances like this?

Since Sandy Hook (since that’s when I started this movie script journal) the script has remained the same.

Just a few pieces of evidence for those that will for sure doubt my arguments:

  1. ‘Sandy Hook
  2. Tuscon Shooting (Gabby Giffords)
  3. Mall Killings
  4. more mall killngs (not enough killed here for media feeding frenzy)
  5. Arizona theater killing
  6. Southern church killing,
  7. Boston marathon bombings
  8. Paris
  9. Abortion clinic shooting
  10. College campus killing
  11. Campus shooting two weeks ago
  12. Virginia Tech Shooting
  13. Campus shooting in San Bernardino
  14. More campus killing with guns
  15. And the dozens of black unarmed men shot dead with no weapons at all under sketchy at best circumstances
  16. On and on and on

Same script different cast

Unethical media baiting and faux journalism each and every time. Make up facts no verification. Copy and past details from last year’s killing. Shameful


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