Where In the World Is theglutenfreechef? | Summer Update I

Dear Readers,

Wheew! Is the only word I can think to describe these last few months. Ok I’m lying. I can always come up with more than a few words. A few that come to my mind as I type this message; fun, exciting, scary, fearful, challenging, enlightening, amazing, beautiful, blessing.

Our brand, our mission, our purpose is becoming bigger, better, & stronger

Our brand, our mission, our purpose is moving forward and becoming bigger, better, and stronger in more positive ways than I have time to type out to you. I am still here. Still outlining amazing articles, recipes, and information for the Fall and still connected to each and every one of you via our various social media sites. I so apologize for the lack of updated content this summer and hope that you all understand and sit tight as this journey of mine ours continues. I am here. We are here. Because of you.

With Love,



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