INvisible Beauty in Pain Artist Spotlight | Alivia Ruiz

We are back in Rochester for our fourth INvisible Beauty in Pain Artist Spotlight.

The INvisible Beauty In Pain campaign’s fourth artist spotlight is Alivia Ruiz

Alivia Ruiz is a Buffalo-born artist, musician, and all around creative. She arrived in Rochester to attend RIT for her Bachelors Degree in Medical Illustration. After completing her degree, she decided to stay in Rochester to pursue a freelancing career, dedicating herself to her creative endeavors. She loves to sing, play piano, dive deep into mythology, write poetry, make jewelry,  paint, and draw.

Her greatest source of peace and inspiration is the beauty of nature, and she relishes asking deep questions to connect with others in ways that cause them to think differently about their world and feel deeply into the beauty of who they are. Her donated artwork is called:

The Entropy of Depression
 About the art piece Alivia says:
“Ever since 2012, I have struggled with depression, and the regret that comes from the missed opportunities caused by this elusive illness. My piece shows my creative self, represented by the orange figure in the center of the piece, constrained by the sorrow and lethargy that is leaking from my heart and paralyzing my hands
During my darkest times of depression, my creative self feels distorted, powerless, and in a loop of stagnancy and regret. The scenes she gazes longingly toward are the visions of her happy life coming from her mind to be manifested, but being sucked in by her sorrow and inability to act, until they disappear into the tiny black hole below her. 

For the rest of KNOWvember, we will feature the biographies and the meaning behind the works of art created by and donated to the INvisible Beauty in Pain Gallery by each of the thirteen artists that submitted work for this campaign.

All works are available to be seen in person at 540WMain and are a celebration of The U.S Pain Foundation’s KNOWvember campaign which you can learn more about by clicking here.

To purchase Alivia’s artwork email Calvin Eaton at or check out more of her work on her Facebook page

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