Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2016

Our Top 10 compilations continue this time featuring the most viewed posts/articles on the blog overall. I always love looking back at the data (nerd alert) and learning what YOU found the most intriguing on the site. One of the things I love most about OUR community is the diversity of readership as well as the diversity of articles that make up our holistic health and wellness online community.

That was a mouthful

But enough of my rambling. Without further adieu… The Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2016. 

Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2016

Alexa Crispy Seasoned Potato Puffs | Product Review

The Honest Company | Product Review

Gluten Cutter | Product Review

Wegmans Gives Up The Gluten | Review

Living with Celiac Disease & Severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Spoon Theory 

Cooking & Eating with Phil | Restaurant Review


Glutino Double Chocolate Brownie Mix | Review

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