▶ Season II| Episode I (Featuring Hannah Crane) by Ask The Gluten Free Chef

Episode I of Season II features the lovely Hannah Crane; blogger extraordinare with the Huffington Post and Assistant Director, NYU Law Institute for Executive Education.

Hannah and I chat about her celiac journey, our recent connection, the highs and lows of being newly diagnosed with celiac disease, and a new business venture she’s dreamed up.

We had an amazing conversation and I am glad to finally share this first episode with you all.
To learn more about Hannah and read her blog posts on the Huffington Post visit her official blogger page: www.huffingtonpost.com/hannah-ross-crane/

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BE. INSPIRED| Why I Love Camp Celiac Strong| Part I

I’m still basking in the inspirational glow from my visit and gluten free cooking demo from Camp Celiac Strong 2015. They say a  picture is worth a thousand words, so for today I’ll let the visuals speak for me.  But don’t fret…my one thousand words are coming tomorrow. Until then BE.INSPIRED BE.FEARLESS| BE. GLUTEN FREE




BE. Campaign

If you follow me on follow social media, then you probably noticed a visual trend throughout the last week. Every day I featured an inspirational message embedded in a photo from my photography archive. Each message and photo was simultaneously loaded as each one one of my social media cover photos. A different message and image was rolled out each day of the week. Each image and it’s accompanying message was related to my brand new BE. Campaign. What is this BE. campaign you ask? Continue reading