Honey Strawberry Milkshake

Three years ago I planted strawberry plants and this year has been their best year yet. Strawberries are ideal for any novice gardener as they are easy to maintain and come up each and every year without you needing to break a sweat… 🙂

I’ve been able to glean some very nice berries that I flash freeze immediately upon picking from my garden. Having fresh frozen berries on hand are perfect when you want to whip up a quick smoothie or milkshake and I did just that last night with this Honey Strawberry Milkshake.  It’s the perfect after dinner dessert or mid-day pick me up. Get into the recipe below:

Honey Strawberry Milkshake


5-10 frozen organic strawberries
1/3 cup dairy or non-dairy milk
3 tablespoons raw honey + pinch of sea salt
2 standard icecream scoops of ProYo frozen yogurt or vanilla icecream


  1. Add all ingredients into a blender in the order listed and process until smooth
  2. Add more liquid if needed to blend. Transfer to a serving glass.
  3. Serve immediately.

Photo credit:Farsai C.

Simple Black Tea Kombucha

Yesterday we gave you the skinny on nature’s fermented health elixir Kombucha and as promised today we are sharing a recipe courtesy Dr. Axe

Simple Black Tea Kombucha recipe courtesy Dr. Axe

Special Announcement | Ask The Gluten Free Chef Live! Wellness Tour

I am thrilled to announce my first Wellness Tour!


After four years of writing, curating, planning, plotting and blogging I am finally taking my mission on the road with Ask The Gluten Free Chef Live! Wellness Tour. I am thrilled to bring this very special educational experience to my hometown of Rochester and (fingers crossed) nationwide by the top of 2018.



Ask The Gluten Free Chef Live! personifies the blog’s mission of making gluten free holistic living accessible and simple for everyone. Whether you’ve been a celiac for years, are newly diagnosed, have a gluten sensitivity, or simply curious due to the 101+ reasons people are curious about gluten free, this show is for you.

You bring the questions and I’ll have the answers from the most basic to the most complex facts, figures, and diatribes about my life as a celiac and how gluten free living has impacted every single facet of my life.

Tickets are on sale via Eventbrite and for those living in Rochester, Harts Local Grocers beginning Saturday January 14, 2017. Stop by Harts and visit me for my first 2nd Saturday demo if you live in Rochester (January 14, 2017) . Otherwise, let me know in the comments what city you want me to come to next! I am so happy to be bringing this tour to Rochester and cannot wait to see you

Portion of tickets sales support 540WMain Community Center

Gluten Free On The Road

Photo credit: Paleo Kitchen Lab

My family and I are headed south later this evening and I couldn’t be more thrilled. An old fashioned road trip where the journey there is just as important as the final destination. We plan to hotel along the way, sight-see, and just enjoy each others company. I for one am looking forward to unwinding, unplugging, relaxing, reading, and catching up with family.

If you’re new to the blog then you might not know about the Gluten Free On the Go series.  If you’re a regular then you should remember that I’m all about healthy and tummy happy snacking; when you’re on the road. Gluten free while traveling can be as easy as pie so as long as you put in a little time, forethought, and planning. Continue reading

The Celiac Mom’s Guide to Prepping for Back to School, Celiac Style | Part I

Back to school means the same thing for so many people—buying school supplies, sneaker shopping, planning the first day of school outfit. However, there’s more involved in the back to school mayhem for a child with celiac disease. In this three-part series, I will explore the nitty-gritty of sending your celiac child back to school, safe, healthy and happy. Continue reading

La Casa| Restaurant Review

It’s been my personal mission all summer to enjoy and explore Rochester. Since moving back in May 2013, I’ve been trying to relearn how to love all that my hometown has to offer. Often times the best things are right in your backyard and this most certainly rings true of La Casa Restaurant. Located less than two miles away from me (literally on the same street) on the corner of South Clinton and Alexander, La Casa is a gem hiding in plain sight.

“The best things are right in your backyard”

Continue reading