A Tribute to Chocolate Chip Cookies | REPOST

One would be hard pressed to search the web and not find a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. In fact a simple Google search will pull up millions (literally) of recipes for the all American classic. What is it about the chocolate chip cookie that screams American tradition? A staple in just about every kitchen, every mom and grandma makes claims to have the world’s greatest. The perfect recipe. The best combination. The foolproof technique. No matter the technique, variation, or ingredient there is something nostalgic about a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie. As a gluten free baker I’ve tried, retried, converted, test baked and perfected quite a few recipes. One recent baking session sparked the idea for this post. A post where I show some long overdue love to the classic chocolate chip cookie. I have compiled five of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes from a few of my favorite blogs. Most are gluten free a few are not but can be easily converted with a cup for cup all purpose flour blend. As you know Enjoy Life is my go to brand for allergen free chocolate.

How do you like your chocolate chips?

Let me know in the comments and be sure to try one of these A+mazing recipes and share a few of your favorites.

the gluten free chef’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies courtesy of Blissful Eats brown butter chocolate cookies
Gluten free, Dairy free Chocolate Chip Cookies courtesy of Silvana’s KitchenChunk Cookies_png-e1367498983963
Date- Sweetened Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies courtesy of The Sweetest Kitchendate quinoa chocolate chip cookies
Protein Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies courtesy of The Iron YouProtein oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Dark Chocolate Chunk Eggnog Cookies courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker eggnog chocolate-chunk-cookies-25-600

P.S: This post was originally featured on February 10, 2014

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