Weekend Roundup: Old Man Winter Strikes Again

Just when we had been lulled and warmed into a fall sense of security old man winter came and attacked the Northeast with a vengeance. This past Saturday saw a high of -25 (yes you read that right) and on Sunday temperatures had increased to a balmy one degree with a windchill of -10. I know I knew better than to think we would get through the winter of 2016 unscathed. Needless to say, I remained inside all weekend trying to ward off the frigid air, type in gloves, and rest my stiff and weary fibro ridden body. The silver lining in all of this?

This week is President’s week which means no work for all the teachers in the land. A lost weekend doesn’t feel so bad when you have the whole week to be productive or in my case be “functionally flared”. I hope your Galentine’s Day (is this real) or Bro-lentines (I made this one up) or Valentine’s Day weekend was warmer and more eventful than was mines. Be Well and happy Monday.

Lights|Camera|Action| Weekend Roundup

Cheers to surviving the weekend. In between rest, meditation, and purposful planning I did bit of baking and photo staging for a very special project due next year. Can you guess what said project is? I’ll give you a few hints: Paleo. Gluten Free. Vegan  Let me know in the comments. Happy Monday 🙂

I. LOVE FALL | Weekend Roundup

In between resting and working this Columbus Day weekend I was sure to take moments to stop and notice my surroundings. The sun, the sky, and the changing of the leaves. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day that you forget to take everything in and give thanks. Take a deep breath and be grateful. Here are the photos from those moments. Be. GRATEFUL every day. Continue reading

Weekend Roundup| Southern Comfort

With summer like temperatures dominating most of September, it has certainly felt like the south these last few weeks. This weekend was no exception. With gorgeous blue skies and the perfect mix of warmth and breeze, this September’s weather has been record breaking as far as Upstate NY is concerned. It was the perfect weekend for a picnic as well as for my second Gluten Free Meet and Mingle Luncheon which went off without a hitch on Saturday. We enjoyed good food, good company and perfect weather. I was glad too, since weekday drama threatened to derail my plans. I am so happy I persevered and weathered the storm of life. Good things come to those who have faith. Check out the photos from our amazing event and if you are in the Rochester area be sure to register for next month’s luncheon. How was your weekend?


Weekend Roundup| Goodbye August

And just like that August and my summer break is over. I can’t pretend that I’m not more than a little disappointed. It’s just that the summer has come to a resounding end and I’m not quite prepared. I’m fully aware that technically speaking, it is still summer. However, since my school days, I’ve always considered the start of the school year to be the end of summer. No matter how sunny, hot, or beautiful it was outside, once school began, the summer was unofficially over. Now that I’m a teacher, this edict remains unchanged. School begins tomorrow and for my district and that means summer is over. Continue reading

TGIF Weekly Roundup: July 13-17, 2015


And July is going by just as fast as it came. Be sure get out and enjoy every moment of sunshine. But before you do, catch up on all the posts this week and be sure to live, love, and be happy this weekend.
the gluten free chef Continue reading

Weekend Roundup|Strawberry Summer Fun

As a way to commemorate the first day of summer I wanted reinstate my Weekend Round feature. If you recall I created weekend roundup to share candid moments of my life with you. Additionally it is my goal to feature a summer fruit and corresponding recipe each Monday. I’m hoping to stick to this motif and schedule but don’t hold it against me if I miss a Monday or two 🙂

 I am obsessed with strawberries and made it my aim to round up the crew for our annual Strawberry Picking extravaganza at Gro-Moore Farms in Rush, NY. The weather was  less than stellar throughout spring and we got a lot of rain. As a result, the strawberry season is shorter and not as impressive as it has been in years past. Still we were determined to fill our baskets with nature’s candy. I love picking fruit in its natural habitat. It helps me appreciate the beauty of Jehovah’s creation as well as bond with friends and family. It’s nice to connect with the earth and remind ourselves that food is grown on plants and trees and not in packages at the local grocery store.

Check out the video above and leave a comment about what you plan to do this summer.