Weekend roundup: Oh The Places You’ll Go

seuss cakeWhen the fine folks over at the School of the Arts (SOTA) invited us to participate in their fundraiser by donating a cake we jumped at the opportunity. What a way to give back to the community and for Blossom (cake designer supreme) to flex her A+mazing cake design and decorating skills. The fundraiser was the last of a year and a half long effort fof  SOTA to raise money for 17 very talented performing arts students, faculty, and parent chaperones to spend 10 days in Scotland to attend the Edinburgh Festival Fridge. This prestigious honor is bestowed to only the best performing arts high school students from around the world. The fundraiser held this past Friday was a performance of the hit broadway play Seussical the Musical and a Cake Design Contest held after. Many weeks of practicing were evident as the students took the stage and sang and dance their heart out much to the delight of the audience.

Of course the cake design contest is where we truly had to prepare. The rules were simple. Create a cake around the theme of Dr. Seuss and attendees will vote on their favorite design. The winner receives praise, affirmation, and an ad in the schools 2014-2015 play bill. I won’t go into the hours of hard work, sweat, and tears that went into Blossom’s design and production, but I will say that her tenacity, attention to detail and perseverance are unparalleled. All the things that could have gone wrong that day did go wrong that day. It was like we were in the twilight zone stuck in a series of unfortunate events.  However, in the words of Tim Gunn we made it work despite these behind the scenes snafus. Our perseverance paid off and our fish bowl themed carrot cake won the night. Actually we tied but a win is a win!  All in all we had a wonderful evening. We got to see an awesome play and made contact with some amazing people. Who knew back then when all of this was just a dream all the places we would go? The best is yet to come and I can’t wait to find out.


all the places

Weekend roundup: Business ain’t easy

catI think this photo accurately sums up our feelings as of late. When Blossom posted it to her Facebook page I couldn’t help but chuckle and nod in agreement. Going into business is not for the faint of heart. Let me repeat: Going into business is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately the both of us are survivors.Built tough and not easily broken. We are passionate about this endeavor. Passionate about baking. Passionate about food. This passion fuels us and gives us life as the roller coaster of opening a storefront ebbs and flows and life continues give us ups, downs and everything in between. I’m hoping your weekend was amazing and you continue to fuel whatever you feel passionate about when the going is good, bad and ugly.





Weekend roundup: Grand Opening Weekend

Well we’ve made it to the other side of our grand opening and all I can say is Whew! It was a whirlwind and Blossom and I both feel like we put in three months of work in 2 days.  It was truly surreal to see the community come out in droves to visit our shop and support this endeavor. I am still in a state of shock at the fact that I am the co-owner of a market and bakery. Dreams really can come true.  I’ll keep this post short and sweet since preparation for this week is moving full steam ahead. Check out our weekend through photos and if you live in the Rochester area be sure to stop on in and see us sometime.

Special thanks to all of our family and friends who supported us in front and behind the scenes as well as the Democrat and Chronicle for the awesome mention in this past Friday’s news paper.

1509667_4133015261567_3170532247025488023_nWelcome wall courtesy of Blossom!


Vanilla and Carrot Cupcakes looking good enough to eat. #Yum


You never have to guess what shop you are in. No sir 🙂


All the pretty balloons courtesy of the amazing Sarah.


Chalk wall art courtesy of a few aspiring 3 year old artists. Remember us when you are famous!


Blossom + Paul unloading a months worth of frustration on a dummy cake.


Looking over at our toughest critic:


If she’s happy wer’re happy!


Just for laughs (how it feels to own a business)

Weekend roundup: Joyride

roller coaster Like a roller coaster just about sums up the range of emotions that Blossom and I are going through as we progress through the journey of opening a retail store and bakery. One day we are feeling high on life on cloud nine. Bursting with positive energy more than confident that WE GOT THIS. The next day we are a fistful of tears, nerves, lacking confidence and scared beyond belief. We’ve been told that this is perfectly normal natural even given the magnitude this undertaking. The feeling indescribable.  Surreal to be so close to realizing a dream that up until now was contained in my thoughts and on pieces of paper in a small composition notebook. Whether natural or normal we are in too deep to turn back now and despite the butterflies and nerves we know that we will bring it on home!

Check out our weekend in pictures and stay tuned as we continue to update you on our progress.

Weekend roundup: March Madness

Madness doesn’t even begin to described the range of emotions that we are experiencing as we prepare for the market launch but it definitely comes close. This weekend found us in beast mode as we got the keys and started moving in and preparing our space. The clock is ticking and we are busier than ever. This coupled with the unexpected blizzard and 6 inch snow dump that mother nature delivered and you can fully understand why we want to pull our hair out right about now. The photo gallery below is just a small glimpse of the work that lays ahead. Keep it locked right here to continue to view our progress as well as for more announcements and updates.

Weekend Roundup: The Pal-Mac Way on a Weekend Day

0-logoI have to send a special thanks and shout out to the Pal-Mac HIgh School for hosting their awesome “Spring into Health Fair this past Saturday. This was my second health fair this season and it was truly amazing to be a part of such a wonderful event. The fair brings the local community together along with local vendors of all kinds (open market style) presenting health focused product and services. Community resources and businesses likeCornell Cooperative Extension, Riteaide, Fidelis HealthCare of Western NY, Thompson Health Care, Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic, and little ol me joined forces to talk about our products and services.

These fairs are not only awesome networking opportunities for a small business owners like myself but a great way to meet and greet A+mazing people from all over concerned about the health, fitness and well being of their families. I am truly amazed at just how many are affected by celiac disease and other food allergies here in my area and the conversations I’ve had only solidify my resolve to make our market and bakery a success. I look forward to fulfilling a large need here in my community. I literally cannot wait to open up! These fairs offer so much I have a hard time keeping posted at my vendor station. I like to mingle and get free products and samples too. I’m like a kid in a candy store. My next fair moment happens Saturday March 29, 2014 where I’ll be participating at the Women’s Fair at the Pieters Life Center.

Weekend roundup: Design on a Dime

design on a dime This weekend found me in full DIY mode knee deep in paint, primer, and furniture refurbishing. What’s the occasion you ask? Well stay tuned since a major A+mazing announcement is coming very very soon. Until then check out the photos of my progress.

Photo credit: Hind Fund (top)