These are just a few ways theglutenfreechef can help you to take your brand or business to the next level:

General Business Consultations ($45/hr)

Blogging, social media marketing, and starting a business can be overwhelming. Send a message to schedule a 60 minute consultation with Founder (aka theglutenfreechef) about any topic related to entrepreneurship, social media marketing, content creation or anything in between. He will answer your questions, provide resources, referrals, and genuine honest advice.

Social Media Market & Content Creation (rates vary) has an international social media following across multiple platforms which includes daily audience impressions of over 10,000. Connect with us to advertise, promote, or create sponsored content for your business or brand rooted in art, education, or wellness.

Recipe Development & Food Photography (rates vary)

The gluten free chef can create customized recipes, recipe posts, as well as provide food photography around your products or brands. The chef has worked with national brands such as Alexia, Udi’s, Glutino & more.

Healthy Nutrition & Wellness Education Program (rates vary)

This program is a mobile healthy living and wellness curriculum created for students and professionals across a range of fields and ages. The curriculum is broken into six week rotations where theglutenfreechef delivers workshops and demonstrations to classrooms, professional groups, nursing homes, corporate groups and others. These can happen in the community or at our home base. Single session workshops, talks, and demonstrations can be booked as well.

Public Speaking Engagements (rates vary)

 theglutenfreechef is a dynamic and engaging public speaker who has taught across the K-12 and college level. Hire him to speak at your net wellness event, college lecture, classroom, or faculty work day.

Product Ambassador (rates vary)

theglutenfreechef can be your product ambassador. Ambassadorship can happen via a single (or series) blog post(s) article(s), or social media blast(s) that represent and promote your brand or business.

Product Marketing/Media/ Promotions (rates vary)

If you have a business, product, or brand that is rooted in the areas of art, health, and wellness let us know and we may be able to sponsor advertising space on, via email newsletter, on our social media platforms.

Have an idea that’s not listed here? Connect with us via the form below and see if we can help.


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