Almond Flaxseed Granola Bark (REPOST)

Granola is an awesomely versatile gluten free friendly snack. There are a ton of great brands on the market but if you don’t carefully inspect the ingredients more often than not their “health food” title can be greatly misleading. It is addictive for a reason for many brands are high in sugar, natural flavorings and calories. Before you know it you can easily down a meals worth of calories in one sitting. That’s why homemade is best as you are in control of what goes into your granola. This granola “bark” is full of heart healthy fiber and nutrition including almond meal, flaxseed, and coconut. Coconut palm is the sweetener giving it a sweet but not too sweet balance that works well for those watching their sugar intake. In my version I opted against the yogurt glaze and got a lightly sweet and crunchy batch of paleo and gluten free granola. Read More

Guest Post: Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Butter Recipe by Amber Vesey

Well we made it to the first full week of 2015 and with that comes a guest post from a very special blogger friend that has been super supportive of this blog and all of my endeavors. Amber runs the food blog Eats and Exercise by Amber and was willing to share her more than healthy Homemade Almond Butter recipe. I love almonds and nut butters both of which are full of immune fighting antioxidants and protein. Of course everything in moderation so don’t go overboard on your portions as nut butters tend to have a high caloric index. But enough of my nutrition ramblings. Get into Amber’s recipe below and for more healthy nutrition and fitness tips visit her food blog by clicking the image below. Read More