Gluten Free Commentary: Gluten Free Myths Debunked Part I (REPOST)

With so much mainstream talk, commentary, views, bias, opinion and fodder surrounding gluten free living and celiac disease I decided a repost of my popular myth series was prudent. It is high time for a part three. Let me know in the comments:


POST BEGINS: I get many comments on both of my blogs from readers expressing thoughts and concerns about gluten free options and my gluten free lifestyle. I felt compelled to address some of the myth’s and inaccuracies that I’ve read overtime in many of these comments. Gluten free and celiac disease have become popular media buzzwords recently and there are many misrepresentations and myths being perpetuated by media outlets and in some cases professionals making false claims about gluten, gluten free diets and celiac disease.

Feel free to join this discussion with your thoughts in the comments on this post and share more myths you would like debunked. I would like this to become a regular discussion on the blog. Remember to be kind, polite, and respectful when responding to and leaving comments. Everyone has a voice and a right to an opinion. Spirited debate and passionate discussion is encouraged however impolite comments or personal attacks will be moderated.

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