Recipes for free: Carrot celery protein blast

Carrot Celery Blast  Carrot Celery Protein Blast

1 banana + 2 celery stalks
1 cup baby carrots
1 1/2 cups almond milk
1 scoop protein powder
1/2 green apple, seeds removed

1 tablespoon honey

Add to blender or Nutribullet and blend together with ice.

What I ate this week: Chickpeas in spiced gravy


I had a busy week cookbook editing, food staging, cooking and baking. I kept dinners quick and light. There was a lot of tofu on my plate this week. I love these MTR Indian ready to eat curry meals. They are vegetarian, dairy, gluten, and wheat free.  The Chick Peas in Spiced Gravy is called Chana Masala and one of my favorites.

I topped mine with my Crispy Tofu and a side of brown rice. Cooking the rice was the most labor intensive part of this particular dinner. These MTR meals are perfect for busy families on the go. The great thing about MTR is that they are all natural (using ingredients you can pronounce) and at only 224 per serving a great way to eat a real, healthy, and filling dinner. You can buy them at:

Whole Foods Markets




Photo Credit: Spices of India

fresh from the bakery: multigrain sandwich bread

multi-grain breadSo after many months of procrastination our multi-grain sandwich bread is finally here. This bread has been on my to do list for months and between expanding the bakery, networking, baking, resting (wash rinse and repeat) I finally committed myself to the task. Fortunately for me, this bread was a success after the first attempt and didn’t require endless sessions of trial and error. Being a Type A, I take it as a personal challenge to get things right the first time and fall into a fistful of tears when I bake something and it comes out less than stellar. I know that this is the whole point of experimenting and trial and error but I usually can’t help myself. This bread is a hit. It has a slight earthy taste but in the best of ways due to the amaranth flour which is a type of perennial plants (I learned in all my research). It is the seeds of this plant that are harvested and used for flour. It is lower in carbs and higher in protein than our white bread and the addition of flax seed meal and amaranth flour give it a boost of healthy fiber. I used organic honey as the sweetener, it is dairy free,  but not vegan. (sorry 🙁 )

The combination of flours that we used are a perfect mix which I have found to be a common thread in my world of gluten free baking. The key is to get the right balance or mix; as you cannot rely on only one flour. This is where most people go wrong. If you stumble across a gluten free recipe that only has one flour listed and not a blend, it probably is not a good recipe. This bread is officially on our menu available for order. I have the pleasure of devouring the first ever loaf with homemade apple butter, jam, and peanut butter; not in one sitting of course! 🙂

Happy Baking,

the gluten free chef

what I ate today: hand made egg pasta and sauce

That’s right, I finally tried my hand at home made gluten free pasta. It has been number one on my list of things to do for awhile and today was the day I moved my body to do it. Using tapioca, potato starch, and corn starch as the base, this pasta is simple and easy to assemble. I didn’t have any fancy tools just a rolling pin, board, boiling hot water and voila! My first ever gluten free pasta was complete. I must say it was yummy and better than I could have imagined. There is really nothing like fresh pasta and with the slow cooked sauce that I made the other day my meal was complete.

The sauce has set and simmered over three days so it all the flavors have  melded well. I was in the mood for a traditional pasta and meatball and since I have yet to come up with an adequate veggie meatless meatball, I bought a nice pack of lean ground turkey. You can’t really tell from the photo but these meatballs were very simple to prepare and oh so moist. I used sea salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, chopped parsley, scallion, Parmesan cheese and aged Romano cheese. I didn’t have any gf bread crumbs so I ground up some rice chex cereal and added an egg. I set them right in the simmering sauce and they cooked on low. They were moist and flavorful and took on the flavor of the sauce. It really was a great meal if I do say so myself. Pasta will be part of the bakery menu very soon. My body is even more worse for wear but hey it was worth it. Heaven I need a prayer cause after that and then the clean up my soul is done.

Signing Off,

the gluten chef

What I ate today: fresh deli tuna and chips

TunaYes. You read that right. This veggie head ate Tuna. In the mood for something deli like and fresh, light flaky tuna was on the brain and on my taste buds. I can’t remember the last time I had it, not normally a part of my diet but sometimes you just get a taste for something and you can’t shake it. There was simply no replacements or substitutions today, I pondered, worried and vacillated about my lunch decision, then I thought who cares, this is not life or death .

So, place the order I did. Michell’s Delicatessen  a quaint, hip, and happening deli here in East Nashville. Nothing like going into a old school delicatessen ordering your sandwich and receiving it  wrapped in white butcher paper and all. This baby was fully loaded with fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoe, onion and hot pepper; all on gluten free bread of course. It was well worth the deviation.

In fact, this filled me up so well that it was all I needed for the day. What was on your menu today? Share you lunch tales?

the gluten free chef

Fresh from the oven: baked pumpkin donuts

I saw the recipe for these tasty treats over at The Sweet’s Life and I knew I had to try them. The conversion to gluten free was easy breezy.  They came out light, airy, and not too sweet. I dipped my version in cinnamon sugar glaze and then dusted them with sugar sprinkles.

Pumpkin Donuts Great