What I ate today: pasta with roasted cauliflower, sweet potatoes & garlic parmasean sauce

Garlic Parm PastaI’ll start with dinner today since it was my most exciting meal. I ended up eating pretty late this evening; a late surge of fatigue and pain had me bedridden later than I anticipated this afternoon. About three weeks ago I bought a cauliflower with the intention to steam and mash it.

Unfortunately,  a terrible flare put any cooking on the back burner for the majority of December! I hate wasting food and I knew I needed to start using my cauliflower. As I was perusing Tastespotter the other day, I came across several recipes for Roasted Cauliflower and even Buffalo Cauliflower, these ideas got my internal wheels turning and I decided to roast my cauliflower instead of steaming and then mashing it.

A quick toss in olive oil, minced garlic, salt, and cracked black pepper and into the 400′ oven it went. This along with some diced sweet potato that I needed to use up as well. While the cauliflower and sweet potato roasted, I quickly boiled my gluten free pasta, added peas, aged Parmesan cheese, rice milk, mushrooms, salt, and pepper to create a Alfredo like sauce, tossed in the roasted vegetables and dinner was served. This meal was great! Easy, quick, and flavorful.  The sweet from the potato perfectly complimented the cauliflower and the peas gave the meal a dash of color. I’ll definitely be adding this quick pantry meal to the rotation. For dessert, I finished off my last single serve apple crisp.

Don’t you find that the last minute (what ever you have in the fridge) type meals are the best! Cooking on the fly with what you have on hand often lead to the best creations.

My breakfast and lunch were boring. A banana protein smoothie, half a grapefruit, and an apple were all I had today. Air popped popcorn was the snack. Those were my eats for Tuesday. Recipe Wednesday tomorrow!

Signing off,

the gluten free chef