DIY Organic Lemon Peel All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

I’m loving our new DIY series. The more organic all natural lifestyle products I create, the better I feel about my health and the earth. Let’s be honest. All the sprays, chemicals, and treatments we use every single day end up in our rivers, lakes, streams, and ultimately our food supply. Learning how to make even just a few homemade products may not save the earth immediately but it is a step in the right direction. The more I make, the more I can share with you. The more I share, the more you share. You see where this is going? Continue reading

Episode 9| Are You Still Doing That Gluten Free Thing? by Ask The Gluten Free Chef

The Gluten Free Chef has something to get off his chest.
A venting session of sorts, this week’s episode is a PSA to the non-celiac, helping you understand what not to say to someone that lives and eats gluten free.

Share your comments and please submit your questions for future episodes after the jump or on Twitter. (‪#‎asktheglutenfreechef‬ ) Continue reading