The Rochester Gluten Free Food Guide

As I continue to expand the reach and breadth of this website I am constantly looking for new ways to connect, inform, enlighten, educate, and engage the gluten free and celiac community. There was once a time when the gluten free chef blog was a tiny little space for me to vent and ramble (I still ramble) about my life as celiac, a foodie, and a person living with chronic illness. This site still covers those topics, but has blossomed into something more. Something greater. Something bigger than myself. A safe place. A shared space. A space that provides content tailored to you, for you. This space is local, domestic, and international.

I’ve had the pleasure to connect with so many A+mazing, awesome, inspiring, kind, and truly great people right here in my hometown of Rochester, NY. People who, like me, are concerned about their food, where it comes from, how it is prepared, and how it is sourced. People looking to heal themselves through food. People looking to buy delicious, reasonably priced, processed, homemade, local, and sometimes not local; whole, real, and clean food. I’ve heard your voices, read your questions, and listened to your concerns. It’s for this reason that I am launching the newest blog feature: The Rochester Gluten Free Food Guide. Continue reading