Happy Fifth Year Anniversary | The Gluten Free Blog

Happy Anniversary to The Gluten Free Chef Blog

Dear Readers,

The Gluten Free Chef Blog is officially five years old. Can you believe it! I never imagined all the places this blogging journey would take me when I started typing five years ago in 2012. Originally, this blog was a place for me to vent and share my experiences as a chronically ill celiac foodie and somewhere along the way it became an entire health and wellness community that is so much bigger than me.

As I noted last year, “each year becomes fuller, scarier, bigger, better, more challenging, and more exciting than the year before.” And even though this gluten free journey continues to surprise in more ways than you could every know; I remain committed to this space; the blog that started it all.

Thank You. From the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to five more years of surprises.


the gluten free chef

P.S. Read the very first blog post here

P.S…P.S. Expect our annual best of posts throughout the week


Why I Went Vegan Part One | Living Vegan

If you’re an avid reader of blog then you already know that we announced (on yesterday) our brand new Facebook online community called Living Vegan. I am super excited to engage more readers across the country who are currently living a plant-based diet as well as those who may be semi-plant-based, interested in going plant-based, or anywhere in between this spectrum. Veganism and plant based living is still not the norm in our society and the ultimate mission of the platform is to engage, encourage, and support each other throughout the journey.

theglutenfreechef is transitioning as well. Plant-based living has always been close to my heart and as I dive back into the lifestyle, the recipes here will inherently be vegan and plant-based. Guest features, articles, and other content will also skew more and more towards veganism and plant-based living. This is not to say that a meat-inclusive or dairy recipe might not sneak in every now and then, but overall plant-based will become the norm. Does this surprise you?

Does this surprise you?

Don’t be surprised! Even though I am purposefully and explicitly writing more and more about vegan culture this is in no way my first time delving into the lifestyle. I lived a very strict vegan life from 2010-2013 just before moving back to Upstate NY (Rochester) from Nashville and am in a way; returning to my roots so to speak. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to:

  1. Detail my vegan/plant-based journey and give reasons why I am coming back to the vegan lifestyle.
  2. Educate and encourage others to understand that the Living Vegan space here on this platform is not a judgemental nor condescending space of “ You are awful because you are not vegan”.
  3. Quite the contrary, this is a space of understanding, encouragement, motivation, and self-refection to help you appreciate that veganism is not cut and dry. There are many beneficial reasons for moving to a plant-based way of life but there are also many reasons that a person might decide to leave the lifestyle.
  4. Throughout this post and in the future, the mission will be to keep it real, genuine, and highlight that living vegan in a carnivorous world can make it difficult to stay the vegan path. The mantra,  Old habits die hard does not fall on deaf ears in this space.  Most folks living vegan were not raised vegan and popular culture, peer pressure, having a family, and many other factors can sometimes make those of us that choose a vegan lifestyle feel ostracized, isolated, and frustrated to stay the course.

I am here to say I understand the struggle and I am here to show you that I was there, I get you and we are here to support each other during our triumphs and our falls. These are the aspects of vegan culture that I feel are lacking in the “online vegan community”

Bonus Lesson

For me veganism is a journey not a final destination therefore, no one will never be made to feel shame or guilt for falling off the vegan path. Understanding and empathy for everyone’s choices is how we will run the Living Vegan spaces here on the blog and on Facebook.

So without further adieu…

Why Did I Go Vegan

The year was 2009… (Post continues tomorrow) 🙂

Happy One Year Anniversary to 540WMain Community Learning Academy

Last Friday was the one year anniversary of opening 540WMain Community Learning Academy

It has been a wonderful year and I have worked diligently, day and night over the past year to build 540WMain into the thriving learning academy that it is today.

But I certainly cannot take all the credit.  It was each and every one of you dear readers and supporters who has helped 540WMain grow along the way. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Having a space to house theglutenfreechefblog Omnimedia, LLC as well as classes and special events is really a dream come true.

Here’s to many more successful years to come! If you live in the Rochester, NY area I invite you to come celebrate with us at our One Year Anniversary Mingle, Saturday, August 26th 2017 from 6PM – 8PM at 540WMain! There will be music, food, wellness vendors, door prizes and more!

Leave a comment below & tell us what you love about 540WMain or visit us on social media hashtag #540anniversary


Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo | Full Vendor List

The 2nd Annual Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo takes place on Saturday May 20, 2017 from 10-3 PM at the Pieter’s Family Life Center

After month’s of planning the expo is is just two days away and I couldn’t be more excited! Just like last year, this year’s expo takes place in Henrietta, NY at the Pieters Family Life Center this Saturday May 20, 2017 from 10-3 PM. The expo is powered by theglutenfreechegblog.com and doubles as a fundraiser for the community center 540WMain. We have over 20 gluten free health and wellness vendors which are all listed below:

  1. Inner Sage Healing Center
  2. Young Living Essential Oils
  3. Tablescapes by Barbra
  4. Lupus Chick
  5. Juice Plus
  6. Arbonne
  7. Project Lean Nation
  8. Flower City Roots/Edible Landscaping
  9. Liz Laneri & Sage Mingrino
  10. Liz Laneri & Sage Mingrino
  11. The Bakers Daughter
  12. Rhino Chiropractic
  13. Wildtree
  14. Corelife Eatery
  15. Wellness 4 You Now
  16. Pure Haven Essentials
  17. Lori’s Natural Foods
  18. Lemon Grass Spa
  19. Camarata Chiropractic
  20. WNY Dental Group
  21. Amway

There will be food, information, samples, gift bags, and so much more. We must also give special thanks to the following:

If you haven’t already registered for this free event be sure to do so now here: http://tiny.cc/rocglutenfreeexpo

Special Announcement | The Gluten Free Chef’s Healthy Nutrition & Wellness Education Program

I am pleased to announce The Healthy Nutrition & Wellness Education Program presented by The Gluten Free Chef

This program is a mobile healthy living and wellness curriculum that I’ve created for students and professionals across a range of fields and ages. The curriculum is broken into six week rotations where I visit once a week and complete workshops and demonstrations to classrooms, professional groups, nursing homes, corporate groups and others. These can happen in the community or at 540WMain Community Center.

After the success Ask The Gluten Free Chef Live! I knew it was time of officially launch this new program to the masses. In addition to the weekly curriculum; organization and groups can also book for me single workshops, classes, or live demonstrations.

I am elated to have a infrastructure to continue to educate, enlighten , and entertain on the simplicity of whole food health & wellness & mindful living. Those interested in rates and details should email asktheglutenfreechef@gmail.com

2017 Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo Application Now Available

Dear Community,

I am thrilled to announce that the official application is now available for download. The cost of a vendor booth is $75. Entrepreneurs and organizations will be added and confirmed on a first come first serve basis. Priority will be given to vendors that participated in the 2016 event.

Applications can be found by visiting the official Expo website by clicking here.

Your Host,

Calvin Eaton, The Gluten Free Chef

Special Announcement | The Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo 2017

I’m thrilled to announce The 2017 Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo

The Rochester Gluten Free Health & Wellness Expo 2017 takes place Saturday May 20, 2017 at the Pieters Family Life Center on 1025 Commons Way from 10-3 PM

Again, this year’s event will be Upstate New York’s premiere showing of gluten free friendly wellness, nutrition, holistic health, and wellness experts all in one place. I am elated to be bringing this event to Rochester for a second year and cannot wait to see you.

Interested wellness, nutrition, gluten free food vendors & corporate sponsors should email inquiries to asktheglutenfreechef@gmail.com or complete the form below.Priority vending will be given to last years participants.

Stay tuned here and over at the the official expo website which is coming soon.

Special thanks to Berry Interesting Productions, Inc. for rocking out this year’s logo #staytuned

Photo Credit: Berry Interesting Productions (logo)