customer interest survey: online ordering of gluten free baked goods

I started baking as a hobby. A simple past-time to improve my skills and create new and interesting recipes.  Once I had to go gluten free, this hobby became a passion to recreate all my favorite desserts without gluten.  This proved harder than I initially thought; since gluten free baking is more complex than simply replacing one flour with another. I would create new gluten and dairy free recipes and then let my friends be my taste testers. Before long, I began to get requests to sell my treats. Initially, I was apprehensive since my physical state often prevents me from baking as much as I would like. However, the response to my baking became so overwhelming that I had to take the next step. Recently, I began to receive interest from people in other states. I had never considered expanding my market outside of Nashville until now.

As a way to help me gauge interest in this endeavor, I created a Customer Interest Survey. The survey is quick and as of now solely for informational purposes!

Once I collect enough data, I will announce my decision. Click here to take the survey.

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