What I ate today: cheddar and chive potato wedges

cheddar chive wedgesOk, so sometimes I have those unhealthy moments and crave something salty, deep fried, and battered. This craving started last night and was satiated only in my dreams. But today, I could take no more. I mean I am diligent to my health and what I eat the majority of the time, ensuring that I drink plenty of water, fiber, iron, you know whole real food. But every now and again, all bets are off and I just want to splurge. But even then, with all my sensitivities, a splurge for me usually involves the dicing, chopping, and slicing of whole real food only to be prepared in an unhealthy way. So, in my mania I sliced and diced a few potatoes, blanched them to remove extra starch, seasoned those babies and dropped them into a pan of extra virgin olive oil. When they came to a perfect golden crisp they were topped with extra sharp cheddar and a hit of chives with a side of sour cream, and there you have it Cheddar Chive Potato Wedges. See I still cooked and ate,  whole real food while also fulfilling my battered and fried craving. The best of both worlds.

Not only did I splurge with deep frying, but I went anti-vegan and back to cheese. Yes, this was necessary as my craving was fulfilled and all was well in my universe. Sometimes you just don’t feel like being healthy! Is that a crime? Do you have those moments? Even in my unhealthy moments, I find myself cooking from scratch in the kitchen with a load of dishes to wash afterwards. You see, gone are my days of processed fast food, I find that being that desperate is never worth the end result: being doubled over sick as a dog.

This was my dinner, lunch was as healthy as they come Cranberry Spinach Salad with onions, green peppers and chic peas, a banana, water and a mid morning snack of a kind bar.

I had a busy week, and this chef is exhausted. I have made peace that I will be down for the next two or maybe three days. I am exhausted and in deep pain. I hope everyone ate well and enjoyed the weekend. This chef is off to bed.

Goodnight Folks,

the gluten free chef



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