#what I ate today

Since I am still enduring a terrible flare, my eating isn’t much fun. I didn’t wake up to the world until around 1:30 this afternoon; stumbling into my kitchen I was able to muster up a McIntosh Apple and peanut butter. I have been on a McIntosh kick lately. singapore mei funI washed that down with stove top popcorn and water.What a meal.

On  another note, I can’t get enough water lately,  going through four gallons a week. The meds make me so dehydrated and just dry feeling. It hate it!

Dinner was Singapore Mei Fun with Crispy Tofu. Mei Fun are tiny thin rice noodles. They cook down to nothing so you can eat as many as you want. Ok, not really but it seems that way. This is one of my favorite takeout dinners, primarily because it is one of the few meals I can eat. I have them tailor it gf and veggie with no soy sauce, meat, or eggs. I add crispy tofu and extra veg and have them toss it extra spicy.

It had been a long while since I had it and what better day than New Year’s day to order takeout. It was delivered piping hot and fresh, just like I like it. Of course, I forgot to snap a pic. Silly me. Google to the rescue again.

Recipe Wednesday tomorrow. It will be one from the vault since I am in no position to cook much of anything right now.

Sweet dreams,

the gluten free chef

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