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What I ate today: talapia dinner

I don’t know what it was but this week found me craving fish. First it was tuna and today it was Talapia. I don’t know, maybe my body has been protein deprived. Any way, I went to the market bought a couple of fresh Talapia fillets, cut then into nuggets, seasoned & battered them and pan fried just a few golden. This was accompanied by a fresh cabbage broccoli slaw and a noodle casserole that I made last Sunday and had been meaning to get to. The meal was delicious, the slaw paired well with the fish and was crisp and fresh.

I tried a go again with the Chebe gluten free bread mix I bought many moons ago. Again, I was displeased. I bought the hype that Chebe brand is so good and just like gluten full bread, but for me, eh it just doesn’t cut it. It tastes bland, chalky, and like a gluten free unleavened bread. I don’t know maybe it is just me. I am still on the hunt for a respectable gluten free roll or bread the tastes as good as the bread I remember from yester year before my food allergies. I’m beginning to think I will have to develop my own brand.

Dessert was my quick  Apple Crisp with Whipped Topping. I have been on an apple kick lately and this crisp is wonderful. I love making desserts in the single serving size ramekins, they are great for portion control and for me everything is just better in a ramekin. Well, that’s my weekend eats. I had a lovely weekend and to cook dinner and dessert to top it all off on Sunday is a rare treat for this chronic kid. That’s all I have!

Signing off,

the gluten free chef

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