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I apologize that I haven’t made a post for a few days. This weekend was a bust and last week I was tied up with book publishing, the Living with Fibro blog, and just trying to rest and pace myself. Eating has been spotty over the last few days to say the least. Nausea, IBS, and overbearing fatigue got the best of me this weekend. Friday my only meal of the day was a bean burrito. There is this great Mexican restaurant close to me and I was craving a fresh burrito and had no energy or desire to make one myself. It was delicious! Filled with refried beans, lettuce, tomato,  seasoned rice, and a fresh spicy salsa, this satiated my craving.  I forgot to swap out the refried with whole black beans, but it was ok.

Of course, I forgot to take a picture, so it’s Google to the rescue.

I was invited to brunch for this afternoon. As usual, my flare kept me down all day. Even though I have become accustomed to canceling out on events due to chronic pain and fatigue, it doesn’t make it any less irritating. The good thing is that I don’t get as down in the dumps about it as I used to. Living with chronic pain makes scheduling really hard and I have learned how to not make commitments. This used to bother me a lot, but not as much anymore. Just like everything else, I adapt and learn how to deal with it.

Last night, I had even managed to make a carrot cake to bring to the brunch. The invite gave me the perfect excuse to test bake, as carrot cake had been on my list of cakes to add to the bakery menu. This cake was moist and completely dairy and gluten free. My only critique is that next time I will add about a half a cup more sugar. Well, I think that does it for my posting. Hopefully next week I can get back to my regularly schedule posting program. Happy eating!

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  1. Slow and steady is what you have to do. And yes while I still get upset about cancelling or not being able to attend certain events, I don’t look at it as the end of the world like I once did.

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