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Fresh from the oven: crispy double chocolate thumbprint cookies

I originally saw these cookies during one of my daily perusals (is that a word?) on Tastespotter and I knew  at first glance that I had to make them. I quickly copy and pasted the recipe without bothering to include its source. Of course weeks later when I went back to it, I had no clue where the recipe came from. This happens all to often in my world.

Even though I love baking, living with Fibromyalgia often has me trying to find ways to cut corners and steps in the kitchen and I prefer recipes with as few ingredients and directions as possible. I initially thought that this recipe met that criteria, but once in the middle of mixing the dry ingredients I realized the directions called for chilling the dough for 30 min, then again for 15 min and all of this before the cookies even made their way to the oven. Needless to say, I was exhausted long before these started baking.

Once baked, cooled, and then tasted, I was initially disappointed. The cookies are super choc lately and not as sweet as I thought, really reminding me of  biscotti. I thought, well maybe I messed up the recipe, but once I found the site and recipe it all became clear. The original recipe is from Scientifically Sweet blog by Christina Marsigliese based in Australia. The cookies are suppose to be super crunchy, not really sweet, and extra chocolatey. In fact, the post that the recipe is attached to is all about the differences in the preference of cookies in America and Australia. In Australia crispy and not too sweet is the standard, whereas in America soft, chewy, and sweet is preferred.

Alas, it all makes sense. My taste buds were not off and I didn’t mess up the recipe. My initial thoughts of the cookies being like biscotti were spot on, well before I went and found the recipe and actually read the accompanying blog post. The cookies were better to me on the second day with a hot mug of hot chocolate. So instead of cookies, I now have the perfect Biscotti recipe, which is what I will convert this recipe to moving forward. So, I guess my moral of this post is to carefully read the recipe and accompanying post before proceeding with your baking.

Since I made no changes to this recipe you link back to Scientifically Sweet to look it up as well as read her post. I love Christina’s blog and it is part of my daily rotation. When I make them again as biscotti, I will post my revised recipe. Happy Baking !

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