Dessert for dinner: chocolate chip sandwich cookies filled with vegan cream cheese

chocolate chip cookiesYea I just made that up just now. Hey, if you can have breakfast for dinner, why not dessert? I’ve had a nasty sweet tooth all week and my daily Tastespotting found me stumbling upon Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies with Nutella Cream Cheese. I had to make them! My slightly altered version skipped the nutella and just used the vegan cream cheese frosting I had in my fridge; and of course they were gluten free.

I added white chocolate chips for good measure. I decided the sandwich cookies were too decadent to eat so those are saved for another day, but before I knew it I had scarfed down 5 un-sandwiched cookies. I didn’t feel too bad since I jogged today, and the cookies served as dinner.

They were soft and chewy in the middle with crisp edges just like I like them. I opted to use Silvana’s  chocolate chip recipe from her book Cooking for Isaiah   instead of my own recipe. My standard chocolate chip recipe makes like 4 dozen cookies and I certainly didn’t want to make that many. Cooking for Isaiah is essentially my gluten free bible. I have revised, altered, and followed so many recipes from this book I’ve since lost count.  I absolutely love it! I have yet to try a recipe from her book that hasn’t turned out awesome!

What I ate today

Lunch was a tomato sandwich with the scrumptious gluten free sandwich bread I made earlier in the week,with apple chips. I haven’t enjoyed a sandwich like I have this week in over a year! Oatmeal was my breakfast topped with coconut, dried cranberries, and walnuts. Sorry, no pictures. Baking up some bakery orders tomorrow! Happy cooking!

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