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Gluten free review: Tinkyada brown rice pasta

TKY010_idJust like everything gluten free when it comes to pasta; there are a plethora of brands on the market. Everything from corn, wheat, potato and rice exist and it can be difficult to figure out what brand and blend of pasta works best for you and your family. The ultimate goal is to find a pasta that mimics the taste and texture of the wheat based pasta that so many of us have come to love. I use Tinkyada brown rice blend for all my pasta needs. With a funny and unusual name Tinkyada gives me just what I need in a pasta. It holds together when boiled, has a similar texture to wheat based pasta, and tastes excellent. In fact, it is hard to tell the difference between this pasta and a wheat based brand.  You might find yourself looking at the ingredients just to make sure that it is in fact gluten free. It is that good! Tinkyada has a wide array of pasta varieties including: penne, shells, spaghetti, spirals, lasagna noodles, mei fun noodles, and many others.

Tinkyada is sold in many groceries around the country and I know for sure that most Walmart centers carry the brand in their small gluten free section. Since I am not a fan of Walmart; I usually purchase mine online from Vitacost. If you are looking for a quality gluten free pasta look no further than Tinkyada. With a name like that how could you forget.

Rating 5/5

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