Weekend roundup: “Orange” you glad it’s Monday?

Orange Creamsicle Almond ShakeI know the title of this post is super cheesy but I couldn’t resist. I had another jam packed weekend filled with errands, buying Chalk paint from The Purple Painted Lady, and a graduation party. For the first time since I moved back, the Rochester weather made me feel like I was in Nashville. Saturday was stifling, sticky, muggy, and hot with absolutely no breeze. But I am not complaining. I will take hot humid sun over cold blowing wind and snow any day of the week.

I was inspired by a post over at Baked by Rachel to create this Orange Creamsicle Almond Shake. I have been on an ice cream Pinterest frenzy all summer and I knew when I saw her Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream post, I had to put my spin on it.  I LOVE fruit, but oranges just aren’t my favorite citrus fruit. The smell lingers on your skin and I just have to be in the mood to have an orange. Call me crazy?!

We recently bought a whole slew of oranges and I hate for them to dry out and go to waste. This was the perfect weekend to whip up this Orange Creamsicle Almond Shake to cap off a long, fatiguing, and very hot day. This non-milkshake was cool, creamy, and delicious with the fresh squeezed orange juice and zest giving it just the right amount of citrus zing. Stay tuned for the recipe later this week.

Happy Monday,

the gluten free chef

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