New feature: Gluten free on the Go!

I wanted to formally announce my new blog feature Gluten free on the Go! Twice a month I will feature a guest post written by a blogger that specializes in giving tips, advice, suggestions and information on maintaining your gluten free status while traveling.  Planning local or international vacations or stay cations is already stressful enough especially when you have a family. This frustration most likely triples when you factor in planning meals, snacks and other essentials when you have food allergies and intolerance.

Where will we eat? What food is safe? What should we pack? are just some of the questions that may come up when preparing for your trip.

I have already received some amazing feedback during the pilot of this feature. You may remember the two guest posts I featured earlier this month that revolved around gluten free travel. The reception and feedback that I received was so positive that I knew this had to become a recurring feature.

Please reach out in the comments or via email should you have questions about a gluten free and travel related subject. It can be anything from what types of foods are best or maybe you need to find a travel agent that accommodates gluten free diets. I have already learned so much from the guest bloggers that I have already featured and I will continue to scour the web to find other bloggers to partner with!

Check out the awesome Gluten free on the Go! posts below:

Give me gluten free courtesy of Sam Martin

Gluten free travel courtesy of Erin Smith

Travel Safe,

the gluten free chef

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