What I ate today: Watermelon cubes

Watermelon cubes I Have I told you I’m like obsessed with watermelon? I think I have. Probably over one billion times this summer alone. If not, it’s worth repeating. I LOVE WATERMELON! Unfortunately, I have been hit or miss this summer in picking the best melons. I’m always devastated when I slice into one that is not quite sweet and not quite right. But never one to waste my goods instead of throwing a dud away I simply blend the melon, store some of the juice and use the rest to make Watermelon Cubes. They are the perfect way to add a no calorie flavor to your water or other beverages. They are also perfect for smoothies and shakes. So, next time you buy a dud be cool dude and make a batch of melon cubes. (did you catch that rhyme) 🙂

Stay Cool,

the gluten free chef

Watermelon Cubes II

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