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Gluten free product review: Alexia crispy seasoned potato puffs w/roasted garlic

Crispy-Seasoned-Potato-Puffs-largeWhen Alexia asked me to sample the newest addition to their line of potato puffs I immediately agreed. Already a fan of their delicious line of potato products I already new that this new product would be nothing short of awesome. What do you know they have gone and done it again. The Crispy Seasoned Potato Puffs w/Roasted Garlic (aka tater tots) carry just right right blend of garlic, salt, and cracked black pepper to satisfy anyone’s crispy potato craving. They can be baked or deep fried but for those who are calorie watching baked on high heat is best. With only 150 calories per serving they can serve as the main dish or the side. I opted to try mine plain with just a side of ketchup but I have also served then with homemade ranch dressings and other savory side sauces. I like Alexia because they offer quality products using natural ingredients. These puffs are great on those nights when you are short on time and can be served with just about anything. Check back tomorrow to see the awesome recipe I created using these potato puffs as well as another surprise.

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