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Special Announcement: US Pain Foundation’s Ambassador of the Month

US pain foundationLike everyone else I wear and juggle many hats and when I’m not busy running this blog I am posting about my life as a fibromite and supporting where I can the efforts of the US Pain Foundation. Still it comes as a great surprise and honor that they have recognized me as their Pain Ambassador of the Month. The US Pain Foundation’s mission is  to advocate, bring awareness to, erase the stigma around, and support individuals living with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.,

Fibromyalgia has taken so much from my life yet I have risen above many challenges and obstacles opening up many doors and opportunities in the process. I share my experiences here and over at Living with Fibro to inspire and help other people living a similar journey know that a full life is still possible despite chronic pain.

If you live with chronic pain or know someone who does click the links below to learn how you can join the movement yourself or get assistance and support on your journey through the US Pain Foundation!

Thank you so much US Pain for this recognition!

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