Gluten free restaurant review: Ginger Thai Restaurant

ginger-thaiBy now you’re aware of my love of Ginger Thai since I’ve expressed it on several occasions. But silly me I never gave you an official A+mazing review of my all time favorite place to eat in Nashville. So without further adieu:

Tucked away in the heart of the Woodbine area of Nashville sits this non-descript blink and you’ll miss it gem of a restaurant. Conveniently located between two international markets Ginger Thai serves up some of the best traditional and fusion thai cuisine that I’ve ever had. The menu is just enough but not too much. Dishes like Pad Kee Mao, Red Curry, Pad Pak, and Fresh Spring Rolls are served hot, super hot and thai spicy for those (like me) who love their thai extra exra spicy. The staff is uber friendly and knowledgeable and their service is fast and efficient. Ginger Thai has a quaint, quiet, and unassuming ambiance perfect for a late date night or a business lunch with colleagues.

Pad Kee MaoMy go to dish is the Pad Kee Mao. Large flat rice noodles tossed with just about every veggie under the sun. I get mine tossed thai spicy with crispy tofu. If you are a rice noodle person then this is the dish for you. I’ve literally had it dozens of times so far only trying four other dishes on the menu in three years. I wasn’t sold on Thai food until I literally stumbled upon Ginger back in 2011 during my second trip to the city. What I love most about thai cuisine is that is is vegan and gluten free friendly with many recipes using ingredients that are naturally gluten free. The staff and chefs here are very accommodating to food allergies and more than willing to switch, swap, and substitute upon request.  Since my first visit Ginger has become my go to restaurant and now that I’m hundreds of miles away it serves as a reminder as to the diversity, dining options and cuisine of the city that lives forever in my heart. If ever you decide to visit Nashville and are looking to try something new or are just in need of authentic amazing Thai food do not miss Ginger Thai.

Rating 5/5

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