Gluten free product review: Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa

This week’s gluten free product review is two days late and a dollar short. I have about twenty millions things going on at once so these weeks are all starting to blur together. But no matter how busy we get I promise not to forget the place where it all started. Right here on this blog 🙂 So now that that’s out the way let’s get into my product review. When my friends at Bob’s Red Mill sent over a box chock full of wonderful products I had yet to try I was simply over the moon. To my surprise I pulled out two bags of their red and tri-color quinoa! How did I not realize until that moment that quinoa came in red and tri-color varieties? Where have I been? Organic Red Quinoa is native to South America and has an inherently spicy robust taste and flavor that screams Mexican and Latino cuisine. I eagerly developed an A+mazing recipe with this quinoa and I cannot wait to create more.

As usual Bob’s has added yet another gluten free grain to my repertoire and their attention to quality, fresh, and safe foods and ingredients keep them at the top of my gluten free purveyor list. I cannot wait to stock my general store shelves with more amazing products from Bob’s and bring them to your attention right here on the blog. Stay tuned for that amazing recipe tomorrow and a special giveaway featuring Bob’s in the very near future.

Rating 5/5

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