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Gluten free product review: Glutino Snack Crackers

Many many moons ago I used eat without abandon Cheez’it crackers, Wheat Thins, and Triscuits. That was until celiac disease came conquered and changed my life forever. Ok so maybe that’s a little dramatic but seriously it was more than slightly traumatic for me to give up  my snack crackers; especially the addictive Cheezit. Even though I’ve come a long way in changing my food diet, finding wheat and gluten free alternatives to many of my favorite processed snack crackers continues to elude me. Of course there are dozens of recipes on the food blogosphere for homemade (and healthy) snack crackers but quite frankly I rarely have the time or the bother to make homemade crackers. When trying to eat and live gluten free on the go sometimes grab and go is a necessity .

So many problems!  Fortunately for all of us the fine people of Glutino have developed an amazing line of relatively healthy and tasty snack crackers. I was most recently sent a box of their original multi-grain crackers and their rosemary olive oil crackers. The Rosemary Olive Oil’s most closely resemble wheat thins in size, texture, and taste. These light and crispy crackers make the perfect snack and it is definitely difficult to eat just one.  With one serving giving you 11 crackers and 140 calories you can be more than satisfied without breaking the calorie bank.  The Original Cracker’s remind me of a less buttery Ritz Cracker. These are slightly crispier but just as tasty.

Overall Glutino’s snack crackers will not replace the name brand gluten filled favorites of my youth but they are worthy alternatives to the dry, brittle, and tasteless crackers that for a while remained the only alternative. Now if they could just give us a gluten free and taste worthy Cheezit styled cracker my life would be made. 🙂

Rating 3.5/5

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