Gluten free product review: Glutino Strawberry Breakfast Bars

Strawberry-Breakfast-BarsI was especially excited to review this month’s selection of products from Glutino. As part of their blogger team I receive a selection of products from them each month to sample and review right here for each of you. This month I received their Strawberry Breakfast Bars. I’ve been meaning to try their line of breakfast bars for a few years now but had never got around to it. These strawberry flavored bars are flavored naturally and artificially and on first bite give me Kellog’s Nutrigrain Bar. Honestly I was not thrilled upon first bite.  The bars have a strong bran like taste and texture that was surprising because the nutrition facts do not list high in fiber or bran . The bars are not overly sweet and are definitely filling. Clocking in at 140 calories they make an ideal breakfast or post workout snack with a banana or serving of Greek yogurt. I eventually came around to the bran taste and texture by my second bar and can appreciate the sweet but not too sweet filling.  All in all I like these breakfast bars. They serve their purpose as a quick not too unhealthy processed booster snack or on the run breakfast. A few more servings or real fruit would bode the brand well but when you are short on time and need a gluten free snack they more than serve their purpose.

Rating 3/5

glutino logo_detail

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