Gluten free product review: Starfish Crispy Battered Cod

CodRecently I was grocery shopping one evening and happened to stumble across these delectable StarFish Cod Fillets. This was my first time ever seeing Starfish or any gluten free frozen fish for that matter. It was almost an anomaly; gluten free and frozen fish together in a sentence? My interest peaked immediately and before I knew it the freezer door was open and I was scanning the box in my usual obsessed foodie fashion. Everything checked out and I threw them in my cart for a rainy, cold and gloomy evening when I needed a quick meal. Well that day came sooner than later and one fateful evening these babies were popped out of their bag/box and into my deep fryer. I hoped for the best and expected….(well you know the rest) and by God I was more than pleasantly surprised. Warm, tender, and flaky cod sizzled out of my fryer a few minutes later along with seasoned Alexia fries (hey I didn’t say this was the healthiest dinner). Who knew frozen fish could come so close to fresh and to be gluten free only seals the deal for me. Starfish happens to have a full line of gluten free battered frozen fish including haddock and halibut and I cannot wait to try them all. In the world of gluten free it is rare that you stumble upon edible and A+mazing quick meals that come anywhere near their gluten ful counterparts but Starfish has signed, sealed, and delivered on this product. Three cheers and 5 stars!

Rating 5/5


One thought

  1. Had ’em & they are good baked also. Ians also has gf fish stix & a few other goodies, available at (most?) Wegmans, Lori’s, Hart’s, possibly Walmart.


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