Gluten Free Book Review: Gluten Freedom by Alessio Fasano, MD (REPOST)

I was elated to receive an advanced copy of Dr. Alessio Fasano’s first book Gluten Freedom. As a celiac I have read more than a few books on celiac disease and gluten free living. After so many it’s easy to fall into the mindset of been there read that. Seriously after living with the ailment for so long it is easy to think you know all that one needs to know about the disease and that you have read all that needs to be read. It’s like until a cure is found what else do I need to read? I am sometimes guilty of this mindset but told myself to go into this book with an open mind.

I’m glad I did as I found Fasano’s book to be refreshing, concise, and very informational. Written as part memoir and part lifestyle essential guide this book is perfect for that may be new to a celiac diagnosis or other gluten based disorder. As someone living with celiac disease for a few years now I still gleaned many new points and insights about the epidemiology celiac disease and how Fasno came to be an instrumental leader into the research, education, breakthrough and treatments of gluten disorders and his building the Center for Celiac Research. Fasano’s writes using a layman approach and style that suits his target audience. Many times guides written by doctors and scientists are dull, boring, and filled with too many technical terms and jargon; making it a chore to get through. Not so much for Gluten Freedom. The book is organized into four main sections making it easy to read in or out of sequence. My eyes were opened as Fasano takes us back to the early stages of celiac disease and how and when the disease came to prominence in America. He also debunks many major myths that continue to linger about the ailment like:

  • it only is found in children
  • celiac disease is not common for persons of color
  • negative diagnostic testing means that a person’s gluten sensitivity is not real and so many more.

Additionally, Fasano includes real life testimonials and stories of people like you and I who have had there lives and world turned upside down by the ravages of celiac disease and gluten and how they found help, guidance and support through the caring medical professionals at the Center for Celiac Research. Fasano’s book is part memoir, part lifestyle part guide, and part medical journal wrapped up into an amazing book that will keep you captivated and motivated to continue on in your gluten free living journey.

No matter where you may be in your personal journey with gluten related illness there is something for you to learn in this book. I would recommend this book to everyone. Those who do not have to live gluten free but have a family member or friend living with the illness- this book will help you understand our battle and how you too can help. For those just interested to know more about gluten, gluten free and what all the hubbub is about this book is clear and concise as to what celiac disease is, what it does, and what it is not. I for one have added it to my gluten free resource collection and I highly recommend that you do too.

Rating 5/5


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