Living with Fibromyalgia: Winter Blues

What a week is all I can say. This week started on a good note since a major snow storm blew through and gave me an unexpected (and very much needed) snow day. Snows days are always a dichotomy since on the one hand you’re able to cozy up and sleep in all day only to dread the aftermath of digging the car and driveway out of a foot or more of snow. I braved the wind and cold and spent over two hours digging. All was well until the flare from *** hit me first thing Tuesday morning and weighed me down clear through Friday.

You would think that I would be used to being floored by relatively low intensity physical exertion at this point in my five year fibro journey but somehow this flare caught me off guard and was a blow to not only my body but my mind.The emotional toll of the obscene dull ache, incessant pain, and excruciating fatigue only peaks in the winter when sunshine is null and void and grey dull skies permeate. Fibro makes even the most mundane actions feel like Olympic level tasks so my shoveling session registered as a 12 on the pain scale. Like I had boxed 12 rounds in a ring. I could go on and on but I won’t. I soldiered through the week. My self esteem low but still trying to keep that glimmer of positivity despite the roar of self-loathing and depression. And here I type a low lying Saturday spent meditating, resting, recuperating and gearing for another week in the ring of my life with fibro. #staytriumphant

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