Moe’s Better Butter | Product Review

Is butter better is a question I posed in a blog post a few months ago. But in the case of Moe, her butter truly is better. Better butter? How can butter be better? Why am I posing these rhetorical and crazy tongue twisting questions?

Because I’m simply over the moon about Moe’s Better Butter an A+mazing all natural whole body moisturizing cream. Unknown to most, I’ve made it my goal by the end of 2016 to be finally finally free of using standard toxin laden health and beauty, bath and body, cleaning and other products. That’s right. All natural and all real. Not the fake natural that still is filled with 10,000 ingredients designed in a lab that are supposed to mimic natural. No thanks.

All natural meaning products with ingredients that come straight from the earth with minimal if any processing. It’s been a slow road. Slow and steady since honestly speaking, throwing in a tub of Colgate toothpaste,  Lubriderm, or Dial is so much easier and in some cases cheaper than buying all natural organically sourced and made products. But I am slowly trying to undo decades old habits and wean myself off of convenience. My goal is to seek out and make my own soaps, toothpastes, lotions, etc. Or in this case, support small local entrepreneurs who are making the products that I can buy.

Cue in the B.L.A.C.K business expo this past Small Business Saturday where I learned about Moe and her better butter. I was super stoked to get my first jar and after a few emails, a forlorned pit stop, and a delivery later I finally got my 10 ounce jar of the original unscented butter.What I love most about the butter is its subtle hints and notes of toasted vanilla and almond. Even better is that when I opened my jar, the product looked more like whipped butter cream than something I would put on my body. That is, by the way a compliment since it means that Moe’s butter is so natural you can actually eat it with no harm. Natural as in only four ingredients; all of which can be pronounced. Each being an ingredient that you probably have in your cupboard. Well, at least I do 🙂 Olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and almond oil. No funky ingredients or man made preservatives.

Yes, Moe’s butter truly is better and good for the skin. It’s not too greasy. It makes your skin smell like warm toasted vanilla almond cookies (in the best of ways), and is made with love by a petite, warm, friendly, pecan hued entrepreneur who has made her dream a reality. How could you not like that? I could go on, but I won’t. You need Moe’s butter in your life and you better click here and get it. Or else.

Rating 5/5

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